icon preparation

Sanding boards: a whiter shade of gesso.

Nothing guarantees rain like trying to sand icon boards outdoors. Having previously glued on linen, applied glue and then twenty or so layers of gesso (whiting powder with more glue and water), you then have to sand it all off again… Almost.

I begin with a bumpy board, complete with brushstrokes, and using assorted sandpapers from 120 grit down to 1200 grit, I take off about my own body weight in dust.

Sometimes this happens:


And you see (perhaps) teeny tiny less than half a millimetre pinprick holes. In this case, either cry and/or see if you can paint around them. If gilded, they will be more noticeable than you would believe.

Five hours and six shiny smooth boards later, I’m a wreck.


And nothing beats the shower that removes all the dust from my hair, which always escapes my scarf when sanding. Perhaps I’m too enthusiastic?!

Tomorrow, I hope, the beginning of a new icon or two. I’m still waiting for the paint to harden adequately on the St Katherine icon before I dare try the new assiste method but I hope to show that to you *very very* soon!

In XC, K