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Journey through June – Saint Xenia the Righteous of Rome – 24/26

Today I have drawn St Xenia the Righteous of Rome (d. 450)

Her feast day is January 24th and she is commemorated by the Orthodox Church.

Her life

Saint Xenia the Righteous of Rome was a saint of the 5th century. Xenia, originally born Eusebia, was the only daughter of a wealthy Senator in Rome. She, and two devoted servants of hers, left to avoid her arranged marriage. She escaped to Milas, on the island of Kos, where she was given the name “Xenia” (stranger).

Upon arrival, Xenia began a church dedicated to Saint Stephen and a woman’s monastery. Soon after, she was made a deaconess by Bishop Paul of Milas.

Of her that is written says that she “helped everyone: for the destitute, she was a benefactress; for the grief-stricken, a comforter; for sinners, a guide to repentance. She possessed a deep humility, accounting herself the worst and most sinful of all.”

The Feast of St. Xenia is celebrated in the Orthodox church on January 24, the day on which she died. It was alleged that “during

St Xenia of Rome

her funeral, a luminous wreath of stars surrounding a radiant cross appeared over the monastery in the heavens.” She is said to have foreseen her own death.


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