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Journey through June – Saint Quiteria of Aire sur L’Adour – 17/26

Today I have drawn St Quiteria of Aire sur L’Adour (2nd century, modern Portugal)

Her feast day is 22 May and she is commemorated by the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church.

Her life

Very little is known about her for definite: She is said to have been born in Bracara (now Braga, Portugal) to Lucius Catilius Serves, Roman governor of Gallaecia and Lusitania, and Calcia, his wife. Her father wanted her to marry and renounce Christianity. Quiteria fled and her father’s men found her at Aire-sur-l’Adour, in Gascony. She was beheaded on the spot. Her sister, Liberata, also suffered the same fate in the forest of Montus and lies in a 14th-century sarcophagus in the fortified church of Saint Jean Baptiste in Mazéres 32 km from her sister Quiteria in Aire-sur-l’Adour . There is a Church dedicated to her at Kuthenkully, a coastal village in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. (Wikipedia)


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